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Akshay Murarka

IC, Choreographer, Contact Improv Coach

Akshay (he/him) began his formal training in the performing arts at the age of fourteen and has since been fascinated by movement and cinema. While his formal education is in Business Management, he is professionally trained in dance, has two diplomas in acting – one from New York Film Academy (NYC) and the other from Barry John’s Acting Studio (Mumbai) – and is one of the founding teachers of the Indian Contact Improvisation community. Being in the industry for over fourteen years now, Akshay has worked on many commercials, short films and web-series, with leading directors and actors from the Indian Film industry and has also been able to share his passion for the arts with people across borders.

A yearning to dive deeper into the subjects of intimacy and consent brought him to train under IPA x TIL, and become South Asia’s first male certified intimacy coordinator. With his background in contact movement, he aims to use the fundamentals of intimacy in working boundaries with actors, while delivering the director’s vision. He hopes to share his knowledge to enhance scene chemistry and uphold safety, with all content involving intimacy, sex and nudity, in the Indian as well as International Film & Television Industry.

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