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Professional intimacy practice for screen requires the engagement of an intimacy coordinator in accordance with a production. An intimacy coordinator is trained to supervise scenes involving nudity, simulated sex, sexual violence and other forms of sensitive scenes. An IC is

trained to oversee consent on a production. 

  • Advocates for all performers and acts as a liaison between them and production

  • Serves as a resource in realizing the director’s creative vision

  • Facilitates clear communication and consent between all parties on set and enables adherence to safety protocols on set

  • Acts as a choreographer and movement coach and designs and conducts workshops,

  • if requested to do so by the production. 


A quick Google search of the term intimacy choreographer will give you the below answer: 

Intimacy choreographers are hired to facilitate scenes for the stage and screen involving physical touch, from moments of sexual tension to scenes featuring nudity and simulated sex and even familial intimacy.

In the Indian context when physical intimacy of any form comes with a conditioning of taboos and personal biases, even the additional understanding of societal morality; an intimacy choreographer’s role begins to entail an understanding of the director's vision, the actors boundaries and the context of the script to bring to life a scene in the most aesthetic, yet real manner. 

Other intimacy professionals may include: 


  1. Intimacy Acting Coach

  2. Specialist consultant for LGBTQIA+ stories 

  3. Specialist consultant for BDSM 

  4. Specialist consultant for sex positive work 

  5. Specialist consultant for multi-media intimacy work 

  6. Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Redressal expert (POSH Consultant) 

  7. Specialist writing consultant for diversity/ inclusivity/ authenticity 

  8. Relationship Diversity consultant 


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