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Ankita Podder


Ankita Podder is a young writer, filmmaker and actor, growing in her craft. Ankita is also an intimacy coordinator in-training, and assistant to our founder, Aastha Khanna.

She was born and brought up in Calcutta, and did her schooling from Loreto Day School and Modern High School for Girls, Kolkata where she found her promise in dramatics and public speaking. She is a graduate from Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi with a degree in Sociology. Ankita actively indulged herself in academic studying and research in Sociology of Gender, Religion, Economic and Political Sociology, and has discipline specific education in Urban Sociology, Sociology of Work, Sociology of Health and Medicine, and Visual Culture. While in college, she was a robust theatre-maker, working independently in the DU theatre circuit, training with her college dramatics group- Verbum, The Tadpole Repertory and Little Big Stories. She worked as an actor- director, performing on prestigious stages like The Stein Auditorium (Delhi), India Islamic Cultural Centre (Delhi), The Cuckoo Club (Mumbai). She has acted in a dozen short films and served as a DA at Lok Arts Collective for Soumyajit Majumdar’s directorial debut #Homecoming.

At present, she is enroute to complete her masters degree as a student of Film, Television and Digital Video Production at Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai, and has parallely been ideating her own writing projects. She has also participated in writers rooms with filmmakers and writers of great repute, such as Tushar Tyagi, Abhiroop Basu, Megha Bhaduri and others. Her signature style deals with human emotions, feminist stories and cerebral dramas.
Ankita wants to become an established actor, writer and director; she is fierce, constantly exploring and unapologetic about wanting to be everything and then some more.

She has had her own experience of child sexual abuse, that impacted the way she observed and perceived her own body, and questioned how people around her looked at the human body in all it’s sexual appeal, sexuality and the conformism that came with it. Ankita draws from her own life experiences, experiences as an actor, training in body movement, and her educational background to inspire and navigate her career in the field of intimacy in order to bring forth a change and re-evaluate society’s idea around nudity and intimacy in her own unique way.

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