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Jayalakshmi Sundaresan

Costume Stylist, IC in Tamil Industry

A Chennai-born, passionate about everything life has to offer, Jayalakshmi is someone who has always embraced her roots and the people around her. She believes in the saying, “Why be a master of one when you could very well be a Jack of all trades?”

A Visual Communication and an MBA grad who discontinued her PhD halfway, she began her career in the directorial department of the Advertising Industry, working on close to 300 TV commercials and photo shoots all over India and has worked with many popular brands of India.

She has worked as a costume designer for over 50 films which also included assisting actors for intimate scenes. She has worked as an intimacy professional in many movies to provide moral support while ensuring a safe work space during the shoots and that is exactly where her forte for working around intimacy began.

She has simultaneously signed up for International courses on Intimacy coordination and is parallelly working for a South Indian film as an intimacy coordinator.

She also is a costume consultant with Saregama - Tamil for quite a long time now, involved in all their television work.

She is a budding entrepreneur aiming to launch her hair oil brand - Iladamayanti this year. She does creative consultancy of any requirement under her brand Collective Kadambari.

Apart from all this, she also is a great cook, has a knack for gardening, art and aesthetics. Her favourite pass time at the moment is to learn ASL.

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