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Kanak Garg

IC (in training)

Kanak Garg was born in the city of Jodhpur and raised in multiple cities across India. Academically, she pursued a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in English Literature.

Her journey in the entertainment industry began as a fashion model in the year 2018, shortly after which she started pursuing acting. Her acting training includes workshops she has been a part of focusing on the Rasa theory and Sanford Meisner acting techniques. She has understudied and performed in a few theatre productions in Bombay and continues to hone her craft.

She came across Neha Vyaso and attended one of their workshops on consent advocacy and setting of boundaries as a performer. The work spoke to her a lot and later, she started working as their Associate to train to be an Intimacy Professional. Her experience as a performing artist across theatre, film and web allows her to connect with the artists and empathise with them. She strongly believes that with this work is critical to all performing spaces. The last few years have seen a major shift in the way stories are being shared in India and with more creators wanting to explore themes of gender, sex and sexuality, she feels that Intimacy Coordinators are very integral to this process.

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