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Maya Menon

Protection of Minors expert, IC (in training)

Maya Menon, born in New Delhi, raised in Kolkata and currently residing in Mumbai, is fluent in diverse Indian languages like Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil and Hindi. Trained in Bharatnatyam (Indian classical dance form) and Carnatic Music, she spired to be a Television journalist but became a Documentary and Advertising filmmaker and Casting Director, starting up from the rungs of an Assistant Director, and also worked with award winning filmmakers like Pradeep Sarkar, Anurag Kashyap, Deepa Mehta, Rakesh Sharma. Then did a career switch to teaching Yoga and Ayurvedic Nutrition. In 2017 she started a non-profit Open Minds Foundation which works in the space of Child Sexual Abuse Prevention, Sexual Harassment Prevention at the Workplace and Sex Education. She is also a Certified Counsellor and is extremely vocal about mental health stigma and subsequent challenges. Her search to create safe spaces for children and adults made her stumble on Intimacy Coordination/Direction. Her dream is to make Intimacy professionals accessible for all content creators and artistes of India, across language, format or medium. Other passions include animal rescue and rehoming, authentic Indian cuisines and trekking through her birth country.

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