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Riyah Ghuman

Treasurer, Producer, IC

Hailing from Punjab, Riyah’s always had a keen interest in the arts from a very young age. To turn her passion into a career, she went on to study Post graduation in Film, TV, and Video Production at the Xavier Institute of Communications in Mumbai.
Riyah has a decade of experience in the Indian Film & TV industry, working as an Executive in Content Management (Production & Development), Continuity & Script Supervisor and Associate Producer. She eventually realised she wanted to help facilitate and streamline the industry's fast transition, notably the growth of intimacy in screenplays. She is now also a certified Intimacy Coordinator.
So far her journey as an IC is as follows -
April 2023 - Taj, S2
A series for Zee5. Worked with a Co-coordinator.

February 2023 - The Diplomat
A film by Shivam Nair. Worked as a consultant for Intimacy Scenes.

August 2022 - Nishedh, S2
A series on MTV. Handled the project solely.

June 2022 - Lakhot
A series directed by Navdeep Singh and Devika Bhagat for Amazon Prime Video. Worked with a co-coordinator.

May 2022 - Irupuram
A Tamil Film directed by Anil Kumar. Worked with a Co-coordinator.

Other interests include learning languages, reading books, travelling, and playing tennis.

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