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Riyah Ghuman


Riyah P Ghuman, who was born in Punjab but now lives in Mumbai, has always been interested in the arts and craft.
After participating in every dancing, singing, and acting opportunity available throughout her school years, Riyah took her love for the arts to the next level by studying Film, TV, and video production at the Xavier Institute of Communications in Mumbai.
She has eight years of experience in the Indian film business, working as a creative head, assistant director, script supervisor, and, most recently, associate producer. Among the companies she has worked with are Open Air Films, Actor Prepares Productions, Sunshine Pictures, Directors Kut Productions, Beyond Dreams, and the National Film Development Corporation.
Over time, Riyah decided she wanted to play a role in facilitating and streamlining the industry's rapid shift, notably the growth of intimate content in scripts. She has started her journey to becoming a qualified IC.
Other interests include learning languages, reading books, travelling, and playing tennis.

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