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There's no Hierarchy to Respect.


Nudity and simulated sex are important tools in the telling of a story, whether in a film, on television, on a streaming platform or interactive media like VR. These scenes convey strong feelings and powerful emotions to an audience. They may be integral to a storyline but also come with a unique vulnerability that arises for performers when performing them. It is therefore important to define these terms appropriately before setting forth any guidelines that help navigate these parts of the storyteller’s vision.

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Scenes where there are intimate interactions, whether that is with the self or others, with or without nudity. Scenes of intimacy include, but are not limited to, scenes involving nudity, simulated sex, kissing, touching, physical examinations, groping over clothing, dry humping, flirtation, simulated sexual harassment/violence, or any other form of intimate contact. Hyper sexualised shots of body parts, “Item Numbers”, the portrayal of hyper sexualised characters, intimacy between minors, or characters that play family members or friends, should also be considered to be scenes  of intimacy when relevant.



Professional intimacy practice for screen requires clear and concise protocols detailing the engagement of intimacy professionals in accordance with a production. ‘The Intimacy Collective’ provides a framework for the use of skilled intimacy coordinators, choreographers, coaches – professionals who help performers and productions navigate these highly sensitive scenes – throughout the entire film-making process. 

‘The Intimacy Collective’ aims to assist and protect members of the entertainment industry through guidelines for protected and equitable workplaces, a BRAVE SPACE which upholds respect, harassment prevention and consent-based interactions for scenes involving nudity, intimacy, simulated

sex and sexual violence.

We aim to continue a dialogue with industry stakeholders who will be willing to take up a shared responsibility to unequivocally condemn discomfort or harassment faced by performers and problems encountered by filmmakers. We also aim to further support the scope of freedom within a directors vision to realise their story as best as possible with all moving parts of the process upholding best practices. The Intimacy Collective endeavours to accelerate a culture shift within the entertainment industry and the world we live in to be a more conscious place where utmost value is given

to safety and consent.



Intimacy professionals are specialists on scenes and stories that include sexuality, gender, relationships, any form of sexual interaction or intimate physical interaction.  Intimacy professionals are trained and skilled to be able to efficiently liaise between the production and the performer to achieve the vision for the designed scene while trying to make sure that the performer's comfort and safety is not compromised. Professionals in this field include but are not limited to intimacy coordinators (for screen), intimacy directors (for stage), Diversity and Inclusion consultants, experts in working with minors, POSH experts, intimacy coaches in intimacy practice and design and intimacy choreographers. The Intimacy Collective strives to provide the industry with adept professionals in this work. 

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